Please Tell the Others

I was wondering if we could agree

To     vote        for           freedom.

Would it be too much to say that we, say, all of us,

Vote      for        the         soul           who               expands

Our own.

I know the statistics help, and the anecdotal evidence persists,

The numbers mean something, and the primary sources have a point.

And, also,

We are feeling and knowing people.

Both wheels direct us.

Would you, could you, say, that we might agree to choose someone

Who we would be apt to believe in a PTA meeting,

Or be at a PTA meeting.

Someone, perhaps, who praises the expertise and character of others.

Someone who, reportedly, has an interest in those at the table.

Or tables. Of people. With experience.

I was wondering if, along with the other information,

We might find that in our spirit, in our true self, there might be a choice

That seems to appeal to who     we       might         become

Or need to be.

You and me. We and us.

Who is closest to the best and truest way of being human,

Not as perfection or marriage or ideal

But in, say, the direction of dignity.

Experience. Learning. Truth-telling.

We choose, we vote, with our ballot, our wallet, our doctrine and our time.

Are we registering what grows?

Are we converting behaviors for judgment using the formula we meant to?

I will vote for freedom. With my ballot, my wallet, my doctrine, and my time.

What expands my chest and makes my neighbor feel safer.

What beckons me forward and makes my children want to have children.

What helps us begin more than end and makes for a more whole existence.

Would it be too much to say that we, say, all of us,

Vote      for        the         soul           who               expands

Our own.

I was wondering if, on this, we could agree.


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