Hello Again

A new start. A fresh look. Ehh, not going to stop me from posting things from before Wide Places on Wide Places. 🙂 Welcome if you’re new. If you’ve read before, thanks for jumping over here.

If I could meet my sophomore-in-college-self, I would tell her so many things. So so many. Like don’t eat all that bread and be careful around that guy and whoa, American Eagle is not that cool. One of the top things on the list though would be, hey, you’re going to keep up with this blogging thing you’ve started. Don’t use xanga! It’s already outdated! Choose something that at least can be imported into WordPress in 9 years!

Buuuut, hindsight is 20/20, right? Well, lame blog or not, it did serve a purpose for eons, wherever I went, from Azusa to Nairobi to Portland to Los Angeles. Some people have mistaken my static blog for loyalty to xanga. The truth is that I’ve been gearing up for the past, oh, eversinceforever, for a change but it all seemed very daunting and low on the priority list. But now, in one of the most workaholic weeks of our lives, I decide to get going on this idea. (I have crazymaking coping mechanisms.) So here we are. I feel a little disjointed but as an organization freak, I also feel that familiar anticipation of cleaning something up–freezing the old, reclaiming some parts of it, and sharing it again alongside new chapters. My life has changed drastically since I first started blogging but some of my goals in writing are the same: to remember, to learn, and to open up. Sometimes for me, sometimes for the reader (and there really could be just one), ideally for both. The About page linked above will explain much more but for now, this is a beginning.

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